A quick review of Apple’s WatchOS 4 (currently in beta)

WatchOS 4 brings something like 50 new features to the Apple Watch, you get a nice list and some hands-on videos for exemple here, and it’s supposed to become publicly available this fall.

Here a good explanation how to unstall it: https://www.igeeksblog.com/install-watchos-4-beta-apple-watch-without-developer-account/

Many of those “new features” are really what I’d call cosmetic in the sens that they change the user interface in more or less subtle ways, but don’t add anything really new.

However, the feature that I though might change the usefulness of the Apple Watch and that made me curious enough to install the beta version of WatchOS 4 was the SIRI watch face. SIRI watch face is supposed to « magically » know and show you the most relevant information whenever you look at it. And actually for me (right out of the box without fiddling and configuring), it’s not bad at all, and I thought I give you some exemples from my experience:

The « basic » view is the next event in my calendar (in big letters) and the second next a bit smaller. Whenever something « happens » this basic view changes to show for exemple
– reminders when they are due
– « important » weather information, eg when it will start to rain
– stock quotes at the end of the day
– the artwork of the last song played on the iPhone
– time of sunset at the end of the day
– pictures of the past in your photo albums

While this may sound somewhat confusing, it is actually quite well executed and you can always go through the list of the items via the digital crown, and find what you’re looking for.

I think I’ll stick with this watch face !

Thanks to the (46) readers of this article !

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