A quick review of iOS11 (in public beta)

iOS11 brings officially about one hundred new features (see a list here), but I’ll concentrate on those that I find useful in this article.

The bublic beta of iOS11 is now in version 3, meaning

a) most of the new features work
b) the most ugly bugs are fixed

the major setback I still experience is the very much affected batterie life (i do not make it through the day without recharging, and especially apps using location services seem to consume quite heavily).

So, what do I find particularly useful in iOS11 ?

1. The configurable control center
Yes this one goes without saying, was long overdue, and is of course quite useful for almost everybody.

2. AirPod controls
This makes the AirPods even better, without actually changing them, as you can now assign to the doubble-tap of the right AirPod a different control than the left one.

Available controls are:
a) Siri
b) next track
c) pause
d) previous track

3. Keyboard on the iPhone
The « One handed Keyboard » allows for easier one hand typing, and can be switched from richt hand to left hand and full screen on the fly.

4. Keyboard on the iPad
A very convenient change is that the secondary character in now available by simply drawing down a key, rather than by using « shift » + « key »

5. File explorer
Not that you actually need it, but it is quite convenient to find all your cloud locations in one place (like OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud Drive, Google Files and so on), rather than using different apps for each.

6. Synchronization of faces in photos
Yes, you do no longer identify people’s faces on each device, they do synch !




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