Apple’s AirPods…after 1 week

I gave my very first impressions after my first day with the AirPods here.
Today, I wanted to share my experience after using them for a week.

I can confirm my first impressions, especially that they do not fall out of my ears (!), and give some additional information about the batterie life:

1. Batterie life of the Airpods while using them in the office environment : I put one of the AirPods out of the charging box and in my pocket and have typically something like 20-30 minutes of phone conversation per day. After my workday of 10 – 11 hours I still had 20-30% of its batterie left.

2. Batterie life of the charging / transport box:
I charged on Sunday, used the AirPods over the week in the office as described before, had a 40 minutes run listening to music, after 5 days, w/o any recharging of the box, there were still about 50% of batterie left.

3. Recharging the AirPods in the box is very quick, I don’t even notice it (less than 10 minutes).

So, all in all, looks as if these AirPods really take the hassle out of charging…and just work…

Thanks to the (68) readers of this article !

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