Cheap bands for the Apple Watch ?

Indeed, the prices that Apple charges for the bracelets for the Apple Watch are quite high. Therefore, I’ve tried some bands via Amazon and/or eBay, and here my observations:

Silicon bands
or « sport bands »
I found that the quality of replacements bands not made by Apple is quite good, especially considering that you get them staring below 5,00 € / $.
The Apple made bands are a little bit softer to the touch, but at 59,00 € / 49$ a pop, you will probably not buy a whole collection, which at 5,00 € you can, so that you have a color for each day.

Metal bands or « milanese »
The band I got for around 20€ lived for 2 or 3 weeks, after that it was physically broken…where such thing would probably never ever happen to the 159€ version from Apple…

Leather band or « leather loop »
The one I got, didn’t live much longer than the metal band, after something like 10 days I had many traces of wear which for me made the band no longer useable.

So, after all, while it is perfectly possible that I was rather unlucky, and there are probably better quality products out there, when looking at the (negative) comments on Amazon, I tend to believe that you just can’t make great bracelets for 20€…

What are your experiences? Any good quality suggestions?

Thanks to the (30) readers of this article !

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