Fed up entering your travel details into your calendar ? use TripIt !

TripIt is probably one of the simplest to use tools there are, but if you travel a bit, it will save you tons of time.

Simply send your travel confirmations (from your travel agency, airline, hotel,…) to a generic email at TripIt, and it will (in the free version):

  • create a trip
  • combine all the reservations that belong to one trip (plane, car, hotel,…)
  • present them nicely and even more so in the mobile app
  • synch the most important data automatically into your calendar (Apple, Outlook, Google)


In my setup, I created a rule (described here) to forward automatically all travel confirmations, to save even more time.

The « Pro » version will allow you to track your reward program points, find alternate flights,…but for me the free version if good enough.

Thanks to the (79) readers of this article !

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