How to take even better photos with your iPhone : ShiftCam lenses

Yes, your iPhones takes already pretty amazing pictures considering its size.
But the inconvenient is obviously the absence of a more powerful zoom, right ?
Well meet ShiftCam ( and its 6 in 1 travel set!
The promises of an easy mountable, right fitting lenses all in a small package are perfecty met and the lens quality (and this price level) is quite good as well.
You get an iPhone cover on which the lenses fit perfectly and at the right place.
And as a “bonus”, you get also one piece that holds a front facing lens in the right place so that your selfies will be easier, especially if you have short arms…

Lets see what sime actual pictures I tool look with it:
1. An original picture on iPhone X
2. The same picture taken with the wide angle
3. The same with x2 on the iPhone
4. With the telephone lens
5. With the fisheye

What do you think ?
It’s probably not a replacement of your SLR, but the size and weight isnt quite same!

Thanks to the (45) readers of this article !

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