iPhone 7 and the « I can’t charge and listen to music at the same time » dilemma

I just wanted to share my personal experience today when I traveled for exactly 3 hours in the French TGV train which has not perfect radio coverage, which helps to drain the batterie that was charged at 95% when I started the trip.

Here my « test setup » :

  • iPhone 7 listening via streaming to Apple Music with my noice reducing headset Bose QC15 via the 3,5 mm to lightning adapter
  • tethering via WiFi to my MacBook Air to fetch my emails
  • catching up on my social media timelines on the iPhone
  • so all in all, a rather heavy load in a worst case scenario put on the batterie of the iPhone …

The result, after 3 hours of train ride : 32% left…largely enough to use the iPhone guide me to the hotel and charge it, so actually

  • Is it better to have 2 ports? Yes probably!
  • Is it necessary to charge while listening to music? Well not exactly …(even though I admit it does give you piece of mind).

So, in real life, one can live without two ports, IMHO, so the basic adapter that’s part of the package when you buy an iPhone 7 does the job.

Thanks to the (52) readers of this article !

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