Looking for the best media player on Apple TV?

As you probably know, on the latest generation of the Apple TV, you can install applications, including some that will let you play your own media content (i.e. not only the ones you bought via iTunes or Nexflix).

The are several choices available, the best known is probably Plex.

However, I suggest you give a thought to Infuse that that gives you basically the same functionality as Plex, like

  • organizing your media nicely in a list view
  • fetching beautiful artwork for each film or TV show
  • fetching the description
  • allowing you to search and add subtitles
  • reading all kinds of files, like MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV & many others


But on top of all that, the immense difference is that with Infuse you no longer need a server running that prepares your media as with Plex, as Infuse reads ans transcribes the files on the fly, all by itself.

In my personal setup, my media file sit on my NAS, which I access with Infuse running on the Apple TV over WiFi and it works very well including full HD content.
When I did that with Plex (once you master the not so easy setup process), the NAS processor was always at 100%, so I had to have a Mac running all the time, and streaming over WiFi wasn’t a smooth experience, whereas with Infuse, it “just works”.

There’s also iOS apps available, so you can watch from your iPad as well.

Try it, I’m sure you won’t regret !

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