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As I haven’t seen an detailed description and/or test of the companion app by Mercedes yet, I thought I’d spend some time to describe my experience for those who may consider to actually buy one.
Here’s my experience is with a recent, well equipped C Class in France.

1. Activation
Actually, the activation isn’t easy, but that’s probably a good thing: you have to go through the Mercedes Benz dealer who needs to associate your app and the car. While this may seem complicated, it really does make sens as you can for exemple track the car and open it…so it really shouldn’t be available outside of the dealers.

2. Overall design / configuration

I personally like the design, rather classy. Notice that it shows a picture of your actual car, your color, your wheels, which is a nice touch and shows love of details at the design team.
The configuration is quite straight forward, nothing complicated.

3. Navigation system / GPS
One the the most useful function to me is that you can enter your destination address on your smartphone, and send it t your car’s navigation system (as car’s navigation systems still use antiquated user interfaces, this is really a big time saver).
Another really cool feature is the possibility to get final guidance on your Apple Watch once you parked your car close to the destination.

BUT this is also my biggest requests for change:

  • this feature is configured once and for all…which doesn’t make a lot of sens, as for most of my trips I don’t need this final guidance 
  • this feature really should be on a per trip basis 

4. Telemetrics
The app gives you quite a bit of information, like:

  • tire pressure for each tire
  • fuel level & remaining expected autonomy
  • doors, windows, roof and trunk closed and locked (or not) 
  • information on your last trip
  • level of your break pads and fluid
  • level of your batterie, washer fluid, cooling liquid 
  • next required service interval 
  • current location 





5. Interactions with the car
The main interactions are

  • lock the doors – actually if you forget to lock your doors, you’ll get a notification on the smartphone that invites you to lock the doors
  • activate the additional heating

As you can see, the app is quite complete with regards to the available features, in my tests works quite well, and other than the option per trip for the guidance with the Apple Watch, I didn’t find any other things to change.

How is your experience, with Mercedes or other car’s companion apps ?

Thanks to the (131) readers of this article !

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