My first (great) experience with VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets

Last week, at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, I had the occasion not only to experience a very well done race simulation with a set of VR goggles, but actually just before I experienced a F1 racing simulator so I could compare the 2 setups.

Here’s a picture of the quite impressive F1 racing simulator:

And here the (rather simple) one with VR Headsets:

What I was really impressed by was the fact that, probably due to the better immersion, the experience in the « simple » setup that includes the VR goggles was quite a bit better that the « traditional » setup. And one can easily imagine the cost (building, housing, operating) of the traditional simulator versus the VR driven setup.
So I guess (at least) in games, VR does have a great advantage, but I still have no idea if it is really good for anything beyond gaming…
Anyway, if you go to Abu Dhabi, you definitely should try the simulator.

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