The best way to not forget your wallet (and why it even got better)

I wrote here about my motivation for no longer forgetting my wallet and the 1. version of EKSTER, which I actually stopped using because it was a bit too large for me.

2 weeks ago, I have received the new version, which changes everything…

The leather is much nicer and the wallet slimmer.
And the best (for me): the tracker card:

  • stand alone (yes, it works without the EKSTER wallet, or said otherwise, with ANY wallet  
  • solar powered (the initial model wasn’t easy to charge) which runs for 1 month after 3 hours of charge according to EKSTER
  • thick as 3 credit cards, therefore fit in pretty much any wallet  
  • a very beautiful piece of hardware



I still have one last complaint (it happened also with the first generation):

Ever so often it happens that the TrackR application alerts, and then it goes on for a couple of times, until it works reliable again…

Thanks to the (89) readers of this article !

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