The wallet you’ll never forget

The other day, I had a red-eye to catch, so, l get up at 5:00 AM, have a quick breakfast, drive the 40 minutes to the airport, and when I’m just about to drive into the parking lot, BUMMER, I forgot my wallet at home…
Obviously, without a credit card and the drivers license, impossible to continue from there (no way to pay for the parking, no way to rent the rental at the arrival, and so on).
So, I drive back home, fetch my wallet, drive back to the airport (in now much heavier traffic) and get the next flight.
Result: I arrived 4 hours later than than planned- Arghh.

While the promotion video of EKSTER shows a different use case (having you’re girlfriend grabbing your wallet to pay her shopping spree), I immediately thought about my little story and wanted to try it right away!

And here’s the description (I got the 1st generation « Senate » model):

my Ekster wallet on the right
  • a not so bad looking wallet for up to 5 creditcards RFID/NFC protected and a strap for cash, and in my case 1 card (I come to that later)
  • slightly thicker and slightly heavier than my former leather wallet
  • a mechanism to push out the cards that works quite well
  • and the most important: with the TrackR application, and a Bluetooth low energy connection to my smartphone it will rings (for far it looks reliable) whenever I forget to take my wallet, when I’m at 10-15 meters away, so quickly enough to NOT miss my flight again

What would I improve?


  • reliabledelivery: it seems that Ekster is a victim of its success, and had a hard time to actually ship product, but lets assume that they will fix that
  • I need a card case w/o NFC protection, and I have to constantly use my building badge (this is promised for the next generation, which is on preorder right now)
  • other than that: it’s a hit for me!

Thanks to the (65) readers of this article !

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