Connect to all videoconference services with ONE clic

Are you also struggling to connect to the respective VC service for your next meeting?
Have you been invited (or have you send an invitation) to a Zoom call, a Webex, or was it in Teams ? In you professional or your personal calendar ? Where is the link in the invitation in the calendar app ? Do you want to connect in the native app that you’ve installed on your machine, or via a specific browser?

How about one clic instead of:
1. open calendar app
2. search the event
3. search the videoconferencing link
4. copy the link
5. open browser
6. copy link
7. choose if you want to stay in the browser or open the native app

Well, that’s exactly what’s Meeter does!

Try (a basic version for free is available) : Meeter

Meeter is a quite simple app that sits in your menu bar that

  1. indicates in the menu bar the time until your next meeting
  2. shows upon a clic your next meeting and the respective videoconferencing services
  3. AND the best: lets you join the call with one clic with the app/browser that you’ve previously chosen

Thanks to the (36) readers of this article !

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