Fix the 3 annoying issues in Mac’s Mail with MailButler

I am a big fan of Mac’s stock Mail application for all my email (mainly Exchange, somme IMAP, little Gmail) for years, even though I’m often trying out alternatives, but I always come back to Mail, that convinces be thanks to superior
– speed
– perfect and fast search
– flexibility
– tagging (more on that here)
– filters (more on that here)

However, there’s 3 things I was missing:

1. Send later, or scheduling of outgoing mails
2. Undo send
3. Snooze

If you’re missing the same, you may want to try (there’s a fremium version) of MailButler’s excellent extension for Mac’s Mail.

1. It adds a “send later » button in the actual email composition window, that will allow you to send your emails later. You get some options, for example
– next business day at at specific time,
– a specific time of your choosing
– in x minutes/hours

I use it all the time when I compose email out of office hours: in order not to stress unnecessarily co-workers, I schedule the messages for the next business day at a reasonable time.

2. You can delay the sending of ALL emails by x seconds, which is second best to « unsend » which in most cases doesn’t work anyway. But it probably happens to you that you just hit « send » and think…shoot, I forget this or that…well with the delayed message simply sitting in your « to send » folder, you can go back edit it, and same you some trouble.

3. If you use your inbox as your to-do-list (as I do), you sometimes want to move messages out, and get them back in later, so that you’re not frustrated by the number of messages that still need your attention. MailButler proposes you to snooze there until a later time of your choice.

4. It gives you a host of additional features, attachment handling, liking your task-list, templates, follow-up…

Thanks to the (988) readers of this article !

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    1. I’m really quite happy, it’s reliable and fats, doesn’t slow down, and no crashed

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