How can I help you to grow your revenues?

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After a long international career in the Siemens Group, then with telecom operators in France (9 Telecom and Numericable/Completel), and until recently as CEO of a BU in e-health at CGM, I am available for interim or consulting missions in the world of new technologies with a strong focus on business development.

If your world still looks a bit like this:

bits and pieces of a gear, some work, some don’t, little traction

Meaning :

  • You have a product or service (at least the idea)
  • You have some ideas about the target market
  • You have some ideas about the main features or functionalities
  • You imagine price points
  • You know you need sales
  • You know there is competition
  • You know there are customers that want your product or service

And you want to go here:

smoothly working gear


  • your product is tested with real customers and has product-market-fit that includes pricing
  • the business case is clear
  • your sales channels have been selected according to your targeted customers and their complementary needs to put in place your products, i.e. your go-to-market strategy is defined
  • accordingly to you target customers and sales channels your sales force is recruited, trained and has a pay-plan that allow them and you to reach a satisfactory level of performance
  • training of sales force on product & positioning
  • KPIs are in place to measure performance of the sales force, both individually and collectively
  • partners (suppliers and/or value added resellers are selected and tested)

This is where I may be able to help with my sound experience and extended network.

If you are interested, please have a look at my detailed LinkedIn profile, and don’t hesitate to contact me!

PS: I can work depending on your needs in French, English or German

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