iPhone 7 and the « I can’t charge and listen to music » dilemma episode 2

In the first episode I stressed the batterie of the iPhone to a maximum, so I wanted to report also how it goes being reasonable:
So this time I travelled 3 1/2 hours in the French TGV train with the the batterie charged at 80% when I started the trip.

What did I do this time ?

  • listening via streaming music for about half of the time, the other half listening to music already on the device with my headset via the jack to lightning adapter
  • catching up on my social media timelines on the iPhone
  • and only very little tethering to fetch email (as it’s Saturday after all)

The result, after 3 1/2 hours of train ride : 18% left…
So, again, in real life conditions IMHO the only adapter you need is the the basic adapter that comes with the iPhone 7.


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