Looking for a hotel with good WiFi connection ?

With connectivity becoming more and more important to travellers, more and more hotels provide WiFi, often free. But you basically never know if the speed is quite reasonable, or rather dull and preventing you from either working, or watching that TV show you wanted to.
Therefore, you may want to try hotelwifitest, which allows you to look up beforehand the hotels that you consider, and indicate their (real life) Wifi speed (and allowing you to filter according to various criteria):

In order for this crowdsourced service to work, obviously (and that’s the other part of the site), once you are in a hotel, you can test and register your actual WiFi speed, and have everybody take advantage of this !

The service lets you share the results on social networks, which is sometimes useful especially when the results are bad, as they put the Twitter accounts of known hotel in cc, and ofter they do react on this.

Use it as much as possible, so that it becomes more and more realistic.


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