Looking for the perfect task manager ?


Well, I guess, if you’re reading this, you haven’t yet found YOUR perfect task manager ?

Actually, over the last 20 years, I must have tried many many different task managers, from the most obvious (Outlook, Reminders) to the more niche players like Things (which I really loved for quite a while).

But what I’ve found, they are all missing something…some let you manage based on

  • lists
  • tags
  • people
  • projects
  • locations

Only a few work all platforms, desktop and mobile, few have nice apps.


If you feel like “yes, I totally agree”…try one of the oldest, but which has become in the meantime IMHO the best : Remember the milk !



Here’s what you get:

  • works on PC, Mac, Web, iOS, Android, even on Blackberry and Fire
  • very nice and intuitive mobile apps
  • integration with Siri
  • obviously synch between your devices
  • tags, lists, people, location based actions
  • start dates, end dates, duration,
  • recurring tasks
  • sub-tasks (in the PRO version)
  • and probably the most important : extremely powerful search that is very easy to use !
  • a nice intro on how to set it up for your GTD routine is here and en even better list of various features here. And if you want to try a travel lits, you can see how to here

The best ?

It’s free, except for some features you may need or not, I use it for almost a year now, which is probably my personal record, and still haven’t found anything that’s missing !

Thanks to the (563) readers of this article !

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