My first experience with Apple’s AirPods

I finally received the AirPods ordered at around Christmas yesterday, and here my first impressions:

• the packaging,
• the build quality,
• the very easy pairing process,
• the quite small box that recharges the AirPods when you put them back in
• the fact that the Music (or the video) pauses when you take one AirPod out and starts again when you put it back in

do all live up the Apple standards, no surprise her.

Where I am positively surprised is that the actual audio volume and quality is way better than the wired headset delivered with the iPhone, and even if some people may say that considering the difference in price that’s a given, it is surprisingly good for such a small and wireless package.

The other surprise is the fact that they just fit perfectly into my ears and really do stay in there whether I shake my head, walk, or even when I ran about 8 km on my treadmill. Yes, after a while they do come a little loose, and you want to tuck them back in again, but they definitely do not fall out of the ear. However, I typically am not very comfortable with in-ear headsets, so, maybe this is not the case for all ear types…

So all in all, so far I don’t regret my purchase!

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