Struggling to remember all your passwords ?

You probably have zillions of online accounts as most people do?
When you started, years ago, you used the same login/password combination for all, then starting some variations?
Everybody’s telling you that you need to use complex passwords, and many services start to require such passwords quite difficult to remember?

But…how do you remember all these password?
The answer is simple: YOU DON’T

You use a password manager instead!
There are several possibilities, but as I’l using 1Password, I’ll talk about this one.
1Password allows you for example:

  • synchronization of your data between PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet
  • browser extensions that let you to fill in the data without cumbersome copy/paste and collect the data each time you do a new login
  • handling of all kind of types of data like 
    • online accounts
    • email accounts
    • software licences 
    • credit cards
    • banking accounts
    • reward programs
    •  …
  • handling of « identities » that allow you to fill in your name, address, phone numbers automatically when logging into new accounts
  • tags
  • and most importantly a password generator !

The password generator will typically generate passwords like

« 6@8usU4d]84^ »

which are impossible to remember, but also impossible to guess and relatively tough to break.
But that’s the point, you don’t remember your passwords anymore, and have one password per service, so even when the biggest on them get’s hacked, your exposure is limited.

1Password supports Touch ID on iOS devices, and more and more applications allow login via 1Password as well.

You also get a security audit function allowing to

  • identify all those site where you use the same password on (and that you may want to finally change) 
  • password that are too weak
  • password by age 
  • all sites that are known to have had issues in the past and where you should change your password


They also have a « team » offer, allowing all or part of your data to synchronize between several people, like teams or family.

Frankly, I don’t know how I would work without it!

Thanks to the (60) readers of this article !

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