The single most effective tip to improve your productivity on a Mac

The single most effective tip to improve productivity on your Mac, is also one of the easiest things to do:


Yes, as simple as this…Why ?

Well there’s really 2 good reasons not to show the dock all the time (as it is in default):
1. You get more screen real estate

When hiding your dock your apps expand automatically all the way to the bottom of your screen, and you get « more screen ».
2. And that’s the more important one I believe: you do no longer see the counter of your new emails !

By simply hiding that counter, I promise you will save a lot of time and avoid so much distraction… once you look at the email counter, it sit there nagging you silently, you just can’t prevent from opening it, maybe responding, and your concentration on the task you have been doing is gone…

So, how do you hide the dock automatically?
That’s very simple too:
– go to System Preferences
– dock and menu bar
– tick: « automatically hide and show the dock »
This way, the dock will disappear immediately and reappear once you move the mouse to the bottom.



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