Probably the best way to track time on your Mac

If you want to track (really) hassle free what time you’re spending on your Mac (eg to invoice customers, or simply in order to understand what you are spending your time on), and even outside of your Mac, BUT you do not want to use the traditional « tools”, that require you to start and stop basically timers for each task, and that you end up not using…you should definitely try Timing !

Timing will automatically track the time you spend according to parameters like

  • applications (eg the time spend in the application Blogo would be associated with BLOGGING)
  • file names (eg the time spend on the file Budget 2019.xslx would be associated with BUDGETING)
  • websites (eg the time spend searching and watching would be associated with VIDEO)
  • keywords

Administration of these is also really simple, but powerful, as you

  • either drag and drop activities which Timing shows you (for this one time or every time)
  • define tags
  • configure rules

In such an efficient way, that after a couple of days (and only a couple of minutes in the app) actually time tracking works by itself, and you get fancy overviews like this one :

and you can edit all kinds of reports if you like.

I also like Timing’s pricing scheme: A one time licence price starting from 29€, a nice change from the now typical (at least) 5€/month!

Timing comes in a fully featured evaluation version for 2 weeks (that keeps your already collected data once you switch to a paid version), so if you’re interested you should try it here: Timing.

Also worth to notice: they have a quite nice onboarding service, that will send you once a day, in nice to digest pieces all you need to know about the application.

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