Window Management in macOS


Apple added some usability to manage windows in the latest versions of macOS, but I suggest a much more flexible and quicker solution, in order to save time, and increase usability : Better Snap Tool.

It allows you to basically “snap” (meaning push) the active window of basically any application for example to the left half and occupy half of the screen, another to the top half and occupy half of the screen, and so on via a keyboard shortcuts.

The one I use most is working in 2 Excel table:

  1. Select he first window
  2. ALT+CMD+➡️
  3. Select he second window
  4. ALT+CMD+⬅️

It takes me I guess 0,3 seconds to have a clean desktop very properly split in half…

You can obviously designate your own shortcuts, and alos your window sizes and positions, in order to adamt it to your workflow.

In my mind, it WAY better than the integrated feature.


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