You should try handwriting recognition on a tablet to take meeting notes

You probably want to take notes during meetings, and agree with me that using a laptop for that is rather rude (as your meeting partners don’t see that you only type notes, and actually, you may also answer some emails while you’re at it…), it puts a barrier between your meeting partners and you, and pen and paper is old fashioned, and not searchable…

So, why don’t you try to use Nebo’s excellent handwriting recognition on (any model of) iPad ?
Now, you probably think (as I did before) that your handwriting is terrible, so much that even yourself you have a hard time to read it…
Thats why I copied a picture of the original writing so that you can judge by yourself…

In this section, I had to correct 5 errors, so it’s not foolproof, at least not with my writing, but to me it’s much faster to take notes “like on paper” than typing it, and obviously it’s much faster to correct some errors that typing everything from my notes (which I have a hard time recognising anyway…).

I frankly didn’t believe it before trying, and have to adjust only very slightly, so for me it’s a real win.
Also, important to me: it works in multiple-language settings.
The only pain point I have is that exporting from Nebo is not yet perfect, eg to MS OneNote, but they will probably fix that.


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