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Jorg Geerlings with iPad

With a solid experience in several sales management positions and General Management roles of Business Units in start-ups and scale-ups in the IT and telecoms fields, and more than 6 years as General Manager in the field of e-health, the systematic development of the product portfolio and sales in technological and innovative environments are part of my DNA.

Passionate about team management with a hand-on approach with a good ability to adapt and listen, with a sound education and experience in technologies allowing me to quickly understand the issues and adapt the offers to the markets addressed according to the capabilities and strengths of “my” company, I now propose my knowledge and my network in the French market to entrepreneurs who seek to accelerate their growth in France.

If you’re interested, check out my more detailed article about it here, or to learn more about my journey, visit my LinkedIn profile, or feel free to  contact me  directly.

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