How can I help you to grow your revenues in France ?

You are looking to grow your revenues in France, or to expand your business to France ?

If your world still looks a bit like this:

grow your revenues in France - before

Meaning :

  • You have a product or service – but is has not yet been adapted fully to the French market
  • You have some ideas about the target market – not haven’t tested it
  • You have some ideas about the main features or functionalities – but are not sure that they are sufficient for the French market
  • You imagine price points – but haven’t tested these yet
  • You need sales channels, but don’t know which ones are suitable for you to address your French customers
  • You don’t know which sales channel would be the most efficient, how to built these, what are the specifics
  • You know there is competition – but don’t know them completely
  • You know there are customers that want your product or service – but not necessarily the sales cycles

And you want to go here (ASAP) in order to grow your revenues in France:

grow your revenues in France - after
  • the product is tested with real customers and has product-market-fit that includes pricing in the French market
  • the business case is clear
  • appropriate sales channels have been selected according to the targeted customers and their complementary needs to put in place your products, i.e. the go-to-market strategy is defined
  • accordingly to you target customers and sales channels your sales force is recruited, trained and has a pay-plan that allow them and you to reach a satisfactory level of performance
  • training of sales force on product & positioning
  • KPIs are in place to measure performance of the sales force, both individually and collectively
  • partners (suppliers and/or value added resellers are selected and tested)

This is where I may be able to help with my sound experience in the French market and my extended network to help you grow in France.

If you are interested to get some help to grow your revenues in France, please have a look at my detailed LinkedIn profile, and don’t hesitate to contact me!

PS: I can work depending on your needs in French, English or German